About Us

About Us?


Angela Victoria Gutierrez, founder of Angela Victoria & Gator S.A.S was born in Colombia. Influenced by the cultures of several Latin American countries she lived in, she grew up loving art, fashion and design. She obtained a J.D in Law granted by the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, and a postgraduate degree in Commercial and Financial Legislation. As a lawyer, Angela occupied several positions in the Colombian government and private sector.
However, in 2002, after visiting numerous top fashion trade shows in Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Italy, she decided to move forward to pursue her dream: to dedicate herself to designing women and men accessories. To achieve her purpose, she conducted several courses in leather manufacturing techniques in Italy, and afterwards, she decided to start his own company and atelier.

Since then, Angela has been working on the leather industry in Colombia, learning and defining her own vision of fashion tendencies, color textures and materials to produce unique accessories with a clear, aesthetic design but fully functional and suited for everyday use. Today, she is recognized as a designer that deeply appreciates elegance, finest couture and luxure, and capable of expressing her talent through very refined and delicate leather goods. For many years fully submerged herself into the world of the fashion, tendencies, colors textures, working in each collection searching a esthetic pieces with clear design. She is a woman with appreciation for the Elegance, finest couture, exquisite and discreet luxury, refined and delicate leather goods..  



Angela Victoria’s designs aim to emphasize the natural beauty and magnificence of the exotic skins used in her products. All her handbags, wallets, belts, and accessories are hand crafted by Colombian artisans specializing in leather products in her Atelier located in Bogotá, Colombia, following strict quality and environmental standards, and under direct supervision of Angela Victoria herself. The best exotic leathers and materials recognized for their softness and durability are used to produce each handbag. Italian hardware and Austrian zippers are used in each piece as well. In addition, her handbags are carefully designed to achieve functionality and comfort by introducing numerous interior features such as zipper pockets, cell-phone and pen holders, key chains and others. In sum, her handbags are crafted to offer a unique and exquisite design which is also practical and durable enough to use it everyday. “Featuring exotic leathers from caiman crocodile, alligator, lizard, python and ostrich, Angela achieves to create luxurious and stylish pieces, based on her knowhow and mastery of exotic leather manufacturing techniques”.



When buying Angela Victoria’s hand crafted exotic leather products, you are contributing to the repopulation program of the caiman crocodile fuscus species in Colombia, under the direct supervision of the Colombian Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development and the rules of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
All of our leathers are certified and originated in farms that apply environmental and social sustainability strategies that aim at benefiting both, the environment and the populations, whilst recovering the wild populations of caiman crocodile fuscus. For more information about conservation programs, please visit http/www.cites.org.